• Adresse: Königswiesenweg, 29
    93051, Regensburg, Allemagne

  • Contact: +(49) 1521 926 7036


Surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers and technicians, WENDIT group offers a complete range of service and product to customers and partners.

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One Contact, One company, For Several Projects!

Our Service Study and Engineering covers the following

- Transportation system, urban transport, infrastructure, airport
- Roads, highways, railways, aerodromes including small structures (culverts, box culverts), signs...
- Fiber optics and submarine cables
- Engineering structures (bridges, culvert, dams, dikes, reservoirs, crossroads ...)
- Water projects: design and projection of front-end engineering design (FEED) projects execution in ASP, sanitation, irrigation and drainage, dams, reservoirs and PSPS
- The economic evaluation of projects and rehabilitation of water infrastructure studies.
- Impact studies on the environment and the treatment of solid waste
- Monitoring and control of construction works
- Consult suppliers
- Negotiate with suppliers selected based on comparative
- Prepare and manage contracts
- Ensure control of the site
- Control the different construction works
- Detach design draughtsman to the customer’s place
- Work acceptance
- Achieve expertise